[xubuntu-users] blueman-manager: Device added successfully, but failed to connect, Connection Failed: stream setup failed

Mitch Morberg mitch56329 at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 01:25:24 UTC 2014

I had the same problem, I disabled ( blueman-manager ) from loading in Application Autostart. ( Indicator Bluetooth ) should be enabled in Application Autostart. I had to first remove the blue tooth device with ( blueman-manager ) before disabling it. Then I logged out and back in then clicked on the blue tooth indicator then set up new device. My bluetooth speaker has worked since.

My audio.conf

# Configuration file for the audio service

# This section contains options which are not specific to any
# particular interface

# Switch to master role for incoming connections (defaults to true)

# If we want to disable support for specific services
# Defaults to supporting all implemented services

# SCO routing. Either PCM or HCI (in which case audio is routed to/from ALSA)
# Defaults to HCI

# Automatically connect both A2DP and HFP/HSP profiles for incoming
# connections. Some headsets that support both profiles will only connect the
# other one automatically so the default setting of true is usually a good
# idea.

# Headset interface specific options (i.e. options which affect how the audio
# service interacts with remote headset devices)

# Set to true to support HFP, false means only HSP is supported
# Defaults to true

# Maximum number of connected HSP/HFP devices per adapter. Defaults to 1

# Set to true to enable use of fast connectable mode (faster page scanning)
# for HFP when incoming call starts. Default settings are restored after
# call is answered or rejected. Page scan interval is much shorter and page
# scan type changed to interlaced. Such allows faster connection initiated
# by a headset.

# Just an example of potential config options for the other interfaces

Good Luck


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On Saturday, May 10, 2014 12:38 PM, yerill 227 <yerill227 at gmail.com> wrote:
I've just removed ubuntu 12.04, and installed Xubuntu 14.04.  With ubuntu 12.04, a bluetooth headset worked well,

Now with Xubuntu, and blueman, I am seeing errors as follows in blueman-manager:

When using the setup assistant
"Device added successfully, but failed to connect"

When trying to add an audio sync
"Connection Failed: stream setup failed"

My audio.conf looks like this:

Disable = Media

Any ideas on what to try next?


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