[xubuntu-users] Xfce Main Menu Editor has stopped working

Rob Ward rl.ward at bigpond.com
Sun May 11 01:17:12 UTC 2014

Hi Folks,

I have been moving from /XP/ to /XUbuntu/ 14.04 (over the last 3 weeks 
and so newbie status) and very pleased with my progress so far.  Most of 
my major IT tasks have been transferred over, and much of my 
data/projects etc are accessible.

Unfortunately I have a problem now where my /Settings Manager/, that 
provides /Main Menu/ and /Menu Editor/ has suddenly stopped working.  
The /Applications Menu/ in the /Panel/ are still functioning fine, and 
reflecting the structure at the time of the last successful menu edit.

Now when I click on /Main Menu/ I se a flash of the outline of the GUI 
frame and then nothing, and if I click on the /Menu Editor/ I get 
nothing at all.
I have been very busy on this project and used both programs 
extensively, and found them (along with /Panel/) to be great to use, and 
have allowed me to get my menus better organised than I was used to with XP.

I believe the underlying program is called /alacarte/ (?) and I have 
tried reinstalling this with /Synaptic/ but to no avail.

Can anyone give me some advice on how I might either debug this 
situation further or fix it?

Thank you in advance.


*Rob Ward*
Lake Tyers Beach, 3909
Lake Tyers Beach Website <http://www.laketyersbeach.net.au>

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