[xubuntu-users] migrate to new system

Fred Roller fredroller66 at gmail.com
Tue May 13 07:01:49 UTC 2014

On 05/12/2014 06:19 PM, James Freer wrote:
> On Mon, 12 May 2014, Peter Flynn wrote:
>> Like Patrice, I keep my /home directory on a separate partition, so I do
>> exactly as he describes. My /home/user contents is all on svn
>> ...
>> ///Peter
> When I tried that I found that the hidden files were then retained 
> which with a new release may not be what one wants (as I see it not 
> being that IT savvy). I was wondering if having /home was better left 
> on a 'system partition' and all the work files etc put on another 
> (e.g. on my 500 gb disk, system partition 100gb and the rest 400gb). 
> It means mounting that partition but does mean the system and config 
> files are all in one place.
> No one else has mentioned this so I am assuming I am wrong but I'd be 
> grateful if someone could suggest the best two partition setup. I used 
> to have two hard drives on my old machine - one system and the other 
> files.
> james
A ways back I too saved to whole of my home directory.  Glitches 
inevitably crept up and would be dealt with but I preferred a cleaner 
method.  During the install process on my laptop I lay in the following 
partitions in the advance/custom settings:

Disk 1
/swap = 8 Gb (head of the group for the inside blocks{faster read/write])
/tmp = 10 Gb (so little buggers can muck up the partition [security])
/ = 20 Gb (This has always served as enough space)
/Isolibrary = 440 Gb (I save alot of iso files for myself and clients)

Disk 2
/Crypt = 500 Gb (All my data files)

I have over the years of practice copied any folders/files to Crypt 
which I need to migrate from build to build and then ln -s (symbolic 
link) them back to the home directory.  This includes almost all the 
home folder default folders (music, vids, downloads, documents, etc.)  
Programs are handled individually; i.e. evolution has a built-in back up 
function which I could save to Crypt.  I have since moved to Thunderbird 
and copy the .thunderbird folder once newly built and opened once I 
rename the new .thunderbird to .thunderbird.JIC and sym-link the old.  
As mentioned else where large databases are handy to copy to save time 
but maybe hit or miss in my experience.

This set up has migrated since 2007 from Ubuntu (several versions) to 
fedora, to CentOS, and finally to Xubuntu.  Users setting, for me, have 
never been a big issue to save so no files carried over (I like playing 
a tweaking with each build) so others may have some input on that 
point.  Mine is just for migrating critical data, mine and clients, from 
build to build.  Average turn around from scratch build is usually well 
under two hours. I had, way back, had built a script to handle the 
tedious file maneuvering.

The beauty of the second drive and this system is the drive can be 
pulled in an emergency and plugged into a new system and you are 
running.  So yes migration to a new laptop/PC is feasible. Certainly not 
the only way or even the best way but is field tested to work.

My two cents... well maybe a buck-fifty... but there it is.  HIH.

- Fred

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