[xubuntu-users] Is distrowatch.com not safe for Android devices?

Qua Purna quapurna at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 03:16:30 UTC 2014


It is not about xubuntu but I think it is not really off topic since
the site is about linux distros in general, including xubuntu.

Have you ever visited distrowatch.com by using android device, then a
pop up appeared saying that your device might contain viruses and
asked you to tap a button ?

I have sent the following email to distrowatch.com




Yesterday, I opened distrowatch.com by using my Android tablet.

A popup appeared saying that my "phone" might contain viruses and I
should click the buttons to go to google play store.

What is/was it ?

If it is one of your advertisements, I think you should stop it.
It is misleading and people may not trust your site due to that kind
of advertisement.


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