[xubuntu-users] Can not change background

Fred Roller fredroller66 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 04:48:53 UTC 2014

On 05/31/2014 05:07 PM, Tim wrote:
> Hi
> I have a new 14.04 install and I am having a problem with the desktop 
> wallpaper (background). I have a folder in my home folder where I 
> store my images for my wallpaper. If I right any where on the desktop 
> (or go start > settings > desktop) I have the option to choose the 
> folder I would like to use for Wallpaper, I choose the folder in my 
> home folder and select change the background every 9 minutes and 
> select close (there is no save option). If I open the desktop settings 
> again the folder for the wallpapers will have reverted back 
> to/usr/share/backdrops The backdrop folder contains 54 images which 
> change after every 9 minutes. I guess I could simply move my images 
> into the /usr/share/backdrop folder but that is not the point there is 
> an option to use a folder of my choosing.
> Anybody know how to get it to accept my folder??
> Tim
Tim, I was able to reproduce your issue.  Once you have selected your 
folder then choose an image in that is now available from that folder 
above.  This will lock the folder in and you should be good to go.

- Fred

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