[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu 14.04 , Chrome, Chromium and Java

Sébastien ml at terranean.eu
Thu Jul 3 10:44:27 UTC 2014

Le 2014-07-03 à 11:04, Martin Ravensholt a écrit:
> So there's basically no solution for this?
> Damn ... Guess I'll have to find an alternative for Firefox, since it
> keeps freezing up my computers (all of them).
> Any good alternatives?

Perhaps it would be good to find out why Firefox freezes and to
resolve this problem.

> Iceweasel is based on Firefox, so unless it's got the same sort of
> "freeze" bug, that might be an option. But are there any other
> alternative browsers available? preferable using the WebKit engine.

Otherwise, there's an early build of Opera that works on 64bit linux
distributions. Not sure how Java would behave though.


Note that Chrome and Chromium don't use Webkit anymore, but Google's
fork of Webkit: Blink (which Opera will also use).


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