[xubuntu-users] new install of xubuntu 13.10 can't run ubuntu software center

e e engine2345 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 1 23:57:23 UTC 2014

i downloaded a fresh copy of xubuntu 13.10 yesterday and installed it today on a blank HD.  i did the checksum of the download and ran another check of the DVD before doing the install and everything reported "no errors".

the install went well and i am up and running, however, when i try to run the "ubuntu software center" as found in the menu, the program hangs, then it closes itself.  it does this whether i am logged in as a regular user or as the admin.  i did get a notification that my install needed to be updated and that appeared to run fine.

i would appreciate any help in this, but keep it simple as i do not know my way around this distro and am new to linux as well.  oh, i did look through the archives for january and december and did not see anything related to this problem.  i did not see any search filter on the webpage, so i did not search the whole archive.

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