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Gary Charvat g.charvat at snet.net
Wed Feb 12 18:58:05 UTC 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

I've been experimenting, playing  with, and now using Xubuntu 3.10 for a 
little over 2 months.  It took me awhile to find aplications thaat would 
satisfy me and closely produce the same results as an ap in Windows.  
But I think I'm finally there -- and I have to say thank you to all 
those who have "held my hand" during this endeavor.  I also, actually 
found that Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird performed way better than 
Internet Explorer and Outlook -- so they are now also on my Windows 

So, here I am again looking for advice.  One of the applications that I 
downloaded and paid for ($3.99) is Stock Tracker.  It has been 
downloaded and installed on my Xubuntu platform.  There is NO 
documentation included -- and in trying to find both documentation and 
also to see if there is a reporting function available -- I attempted to 
contact the author via his eMail address.

I've had no luck in making contact -- in fact I receive the following in 
my inbox:

	Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
		<mstocktrackermw at gmail.com>:

I enjoy the product and it shows the data that I am looking for -- but 
I'd also like to be able to print the information for my files and later 
comparison.  If the author has moved maybe he could email me his new 

Again, Thanx...



Gary P. Charvat

50 Greystone
Shelton, CT  06484

(203) 929-9187

eMail:  g.charvat at snet.net


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