[xubuntu-users] Howto Start Xfce LightDM at second X display

Tong Sun xubuys.xpt at spamgourmet.com
Mon Dec 8 03:55:14 UTC 2014


How to start LightDM at second X display?

I want to start LightDM at the second X display and keep the first X
display intact. I.e., auto-starts X at virtual terminal VT8, which is
normally accessed by typing CTRL+ALT+F8. Thus, when typing
CTRL+ALT+F7, it will give a blank TTY on VT7. I want to do that
because I prefer to use `startx` to start my X session instead.

I've done some research myself, from

I think the tweak should be as easy as creating a file
/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/12-LoginOnVT8.conf, with the content of


However, when I tried it, it doesn't work. LightDM/Xfce is still on
VT7. i.e., CTRL+ALT+F8 gives a blank TTY while CTRL+ALT+F7 shows the
login screen.

What's the proper way to do that?


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