[xubuntu-users] My Xfce fonts looks bad

Enki enki.enlil at virginmedia.com
Mon Dec 8 00:07:04 UTC 2014

Have you not got a settings where you can change the font rendering? I 
use Ubuntu Tweak in order to change my font settings and they look nice 
and crisp for me at least.

On 07/12/2014 23:00, Tong Sun wrote:
> Hi,
> I normally don't use Xfce desktop but launch into my fluxbox WM
> instead. One of ther reason is that the fonts really look bad in Xfce.
> Today, I did a comparison and post the result to
> http://ibin.co/1jrTsjo6hRdS:
> There are three windows from the clip, the File manger, Terminal, and
> a xterm session. I think the File manger and Terminal are both using
> the same font rendering method, and they both look not as crisp as
> xterm. Moreover, you can see that xterm's font size is even smaller
> than both of them, yet crystal clear. If you look closely, you can see
> that on the Terminal, in the content of ~/.Xclients, the dash in
> "$HOME/.Xclients-$HOSTNAME$DISPLAY" is not even rendered. This is a
> 1:1 screenshot that looks exactly like what's showing on my screen.
> I.e., the missing of that dash in not from the screenshot but from
> original Xfce display instead.
> Some people might not tell the difference or might not think it is
> *that* bad, but if you are used to the crystal clear fonts (like that
> from xterm) for over two decades, then you might understand that such
> blurry font rendering is unacceptable to me.
> Any one can help?
> Thanks

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