[xubuntu-users] Question - problem after upgrading

András Bókon andras.bokon at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 13:21:47 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

my name is Andras Bokon from Hungary, and I have used Xubuntu for 13
months. I am very satisfied with this distribution, although I am using
dual-boot with Windows 7 (because I also need it).
I had Xubuntu 13.10, when it offered to upgrade to the version of 14.04 a
week ago, which I accepted. The upgrading went well, and the restarting was
perfect. Unfortunately, next day, when I wanted to turn in my laptop, the
BIOS was weeping continuously with little pause (actually 8 times), then it
stopped after getting the Logging in/Welcome screen at Ubuntu/Windows. It
is the strangest thing, that it it doesn't make it every time, just about
every second or third starting.
What can it cause this problem? Maybe the beta version of Grub? Should I
make a reinstall with 14.04?

The configuration of my laptop (2,5 years old):
Dell Inspiron N5110
Intel Core i3 2,1 GHz
NVidia GeForce GT 525M (1 GB)
I am looking for your answers.

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