[xubuntu-users] 13.10 to 14.04 nearly went smoothly

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Apr 20 22:30:47 UTC 2014

I upgraded one of my sacrificial machines yesterday, an old Dell 
Optiplex used as a spare print server and experimental client workstation.

The upgrade went smoothly until it hit a subdirectory of Emacs where I 
had carelessly left a soft-linked a file from my personal store of 
stuff, instead of copying it. That gagged the Emacs24 deferred 
post-installer byte-compilation, which brought the entire installation 
grinding to a halt with dire warnings that if I rebooted I risked having 
an incomplete system.

In fact I had been monitoring it, so I knew how far it had got. I 
deleted the offending file and rebooted, and everything came up clean 
except for re-running the byte-compilations and then removing all the 
no-longer-needed packages from apt.

Where would be the right place to report the error? That application 
byte-compilation should fail gracefully and pass on to the next 
operation, rather than crashing a system update. It's not really an 
Emacs problem, in that there's nothing wrong with the binary; but I 
don't know whereabouts in the Xubuntu tree responsibility for the 
post-installation stuff lives.


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