[xubuntu-users] Performance Boost?

Anthony Papillion anthony at papillion.me
Mon Sep 16 15:43:03 UTC 2013

A few months ago, a friend wanted to try out Xubuntu. Since they relied
on Windows and weren't comfortable modifying their partition table, I
opted to install Xubuntu 12.04 via the Wubi.

They are not a lot more comfortable with Xubuntu and want to use it
pretty much full-time with the option of using Windows when they need
to. They are wanting to 'upgrade' when 13.10 comes out. So I'm wondering
what the best way to go here is: should I keep their Wubi install and
just upgrade it to 13.10 or should I create a proper partition and
install to it?

What is the performance hit and other drawbacks to a Wubi install vs a
proper partition?


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