[xubuntu-users] Is there a list for *ABSOLUTE* beginnerswithXubuntu?

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Thu Sep 12 22:35:54 UTC 2013

On 09/12/2013 06:37 PM, David Walland wrote:
> Dear All,
> Well, from my end, the mystery is now solved.

Excellent, thanks for the update.

> I had:
> 1) Put a space or underscore (can't remember which whilst attempting
> to pull Libre Office down and install it using Xubuntu's systems.  So
> I now know what the error comments meant - they couldn't find what I
> wanted because it doesn't exist under that name.

Spaces in filenames and directory names are evil; they rot your teeth,
make your hair fall out, delay the trains, and start nuclear wars :-)

Strange that the error message would appear and disappear though.

> 2) I have to remove Open Office before trying to install Libre
> Office.

Apparently so.

> I don't have the free time to to try this now but will do so ASAP
> and report back.

In your own time, no rush.

> You're quite right Peter, I used Xubuntu 10.04 on the advice I found
> on the Internet that it is reliable on machines with 512 MB or less
> memory.  Since I have an SSD on the system and it currently runs
> quicker than the Vista laptop on which I'm typing this, it may well
> be that I can put a more modern version on, although I'll then have
> to work out how to do this from a memory pen, as I only have CD not
> DVD available on the machine.

I think the basic distribution of Xubuntu is deliberately sized to fit
on a CD, so if you have somewhere else to download and burn the ISO file
to a CD, that will work.

There are also instructions here for making a bootable, installable USB
stick version.

Whether you use CD or USB, you can boot from it and try it out first,
without it doing anything to your hard drive/SSD. So you could do it for
each version in turn until you find the one that DOESN'T work, then go
back to the previous one and install that.

> I should have written "Install" (and thought I had too) not download.
> I can only blame a mix of old age, tiredness and a soupcon of
> stupidity (check, check, then check again!).

We all suffer from this...

> I still intend to try the BIOS update first but will take your advise
> on an appropriate version of Xubuntu on the machine, given that all
> goes well.

Step through them one by one, booting from CD or USB, until you find the
latest one that still works.

Bear in mind that running direct from CD/USB is sloooooow.

> The old Samsung will eventually become a dedicated controller for my
> wife's kiln.  The kiln's able to be controlled through an RS432 port
> on the kiln controller and I have all the specs for the control
> system commands.  It's the interface with the user (very
> demanding!!!) that is holding me back.

This is normal: control interfaces suck because they are written by
people who love proprietary protocols, and they all want to invent their


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