[xubuntu-users] Is there a list for *ABSOLUTE* beginners withXubuntu?

George DiceGeorge dicegeorge at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 10 11:12:49 UTC 2013

I find videos on youtube made by youngsters (teens – preteens) sometimes show me the information on how to do things that more experienced people assume is common knowledge cos theyve done it so often.

Also computer magazines when they have something of interest in them.

I prefer Ubuntu Software Center to Synaptic for installing new programs because its simper and point to clickable.

Unlike first time computer users we oldies know what we want to do,
and have a good idea of whats going on inside the computer,
we just need to learn what its called in ubuntu/linux user interface world.

good luck!

From: David Walland 
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Subject: Re: [xubuntu-users] Is there a list for *ABSOLUTE* beginners withXubuntu?

Dear Elfy,

Only to the extent of your reply giving me details of the UK UGs.  No-one else seems to quite understand how difficult it is to work out how to get *in* when you're *out*.  The latest oddments added to my question appear to be written in "Outer Swahili" rather than even "Outer Mongolian" and appear to have no relationship to beginners of whatever level. 

As soon as I have finished my big DIY projects, I'll contact the UK user groups to see if there's anyone prepared to mentor me for a while, locally.  I'm neither stupid nor "past-it" and should be able, with face-to-face discussions, to learn the necessary information to use X/Ubuntu fairly rapidly.  This list has apparently mostly forgotten they had to learn the information that I need, to *start* on the learning curve.  I learnt Danish to fluency - to the point of being able to work directly with Danish patients in the Oncology Department of a Danish hospital (Vejle Syghus, if anyone wants to check).  If I can start learning a rule-free language like Danish to fluency at age 40 (and at 66 and hearing impaired, I'm still fluent), then the much simpler language of X/Ubuntu is going to be possible if I can learn the fundamental "grammar" and basic structure.  Learning Danish from a Danish wife was not enough. I had to move there and learn from people while being immersed in it.  Now that's a lot harder than a logical language like a computer language, so what I really need is someone who'll help me get that basic structure and roughly what each part of it does, so I can go on and learn from there.

Professionally, I was a University Radiation Protection specialist from lab technician up to Radiation Protection Adviser.  I've written detailed "Codes of Practice" and once I get there, I may be able to produce documentation which deals with this very simple material for those who are starting from around zero.  But first *I've* got to get off the start line and so far I'm not really managing to do so...

Thanks for asking the question Elfy, only my warped sense of humour is keeping my frustration from overflowing...



On 9 September 2013 23:12, Elfy <ub.untu at btinternet.com> wrote:

  On 03/09/13 15:14, David Walland wrote:

    I went onto this list, hoping to learn from it but I'm *SUCH* a newbie with Linux/X/Ubuntu that it could mostly be written in Outer Mongolian without reducing the amount of meaning I get from it. 

    I'm 66 and have worked with computers on and off since 1964, so I'm no novice.  I was fairly expert on BBC Micros in the 1980s and was also programming in hex on the 6800 at that time.  Since the PC revolution, I've been just a user and I simply can't seem to get off first base with Xubuntu, which I have on a laptop so ancient it defaults to 1998 if the onboard battery fails (often).

    It runs surprisingly quickly on an older version of Xubuntu (10.04).  I can use it for ordinary "user" things but can't manage to get Office Libre to load (it *downloaded* OK!) onto the machine and the error messages don't use words memorable enough for me to record them (they flash on screen and then disappear before I can do anything sensible!)

    Is there any local group in the NE of England I could join for mentoring?  I really want to learn Linux/Ubuntu and run my XP machines on it from next year - all I need is some help to get me up to where I can learn alone.

    Videos are no help as I'm hearing impaired from birth and can't concentrate on both hearing and grasping content at the same time.


    David Walland


  So - after a whole bunch of replies - some getting further and further into the intricacies of various issues - are you any the wiser David? 


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