[xubuntu-users] Email clients not connecting

Gerard Hodson gerry.gazules at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 10:04:40 UTC 2013

I recently had to reload Xubuntu 12.04 from an iso file on a CD. Now I find
that none of my email clients will connect to the network e.g. Thunderbird,
Slypheed, Mutt, Alpine. Thunderbird issues a 'stock' error message while
the terminal session clients report 'network unreachable'. This occurs with
Gmail & Zoho accounts, it's not as if the server is rejecting the request
because of some security issue, it's that the clients do not even reach the
network to try. The most obvious example is when using Seamonkey, I can be
using the browser element quite perfectly but to try the email client
element always results in a failure to connect. Could I be missing a file
or a library? Could it be something to do with the Hardware Abstraction
Layer? I hope someone has some clue. Thanks for any advice you might be
able to give me.
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