[xubuntu-users] Windows-Xming-Ubuntu

Richard Johnson rjohnson at johnsonmanagementinc.com
Sat Jan 5 05:08:01 UTC 2013

Hi All, 


I am currently running Windows 7, Xming v. and Ubuntu v. 12.10. 


Here is what I would like to do..please don't go into the why's about what I
am looking to do...I would just like to do it.


Essentially I would like to access my GUI for my Ubuntu workstation. I am
still learning the command line commands and would like to use the gui until
I am more comfortable. I have tried configuring RDP on the Ubuntu server,
and I am able to RDP from my windows machine to the Ubuntu server, but my
backsplash shows up and nothing else, so I think it's a video issue. So, I
would like to try to use Xming/XLaunch. Can someone walk me thru what needs
to be done step by step on both sides (Windows and Ubuntu). I do have SSH
configured to the Ubuntu server and I can login to the box via that method. 








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