[xubuntu-users] force xfdesktop to display animated gif

Art Slurry info at artslurry.com
Mon Feb 18 17:09:31 UTC 2013

Trying to figure out if there is a way to display animated gif on 
xfdesktop (weather radar images)

Currently, which works well, I

cd ~/wx
wget -Nq http://my_wunderground_image1.gif
# several images
do some imagemagick on them to make one image that fits my desktop nicely
xfdesktop --reload

cron'd it to update every half hour, so I always have the current 
(albeit 10 minute delayed) radar on my desktop

when there's a weather alert, I auto download the animated images, so 
they can be viewed (power or net goes down i can at least have the 
latest images to look at)

what i'd like to do is display the animated gif on xfdesktop in the same 
manner... if that's not possible, how can i script open the animated 
image in it's own window that stays on top until i close it?

thanks for any suggestions...

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