[xubuntu-users] Is there any way to change auto mount option in Xubuntu?

Ralf ranfyy ranfyy at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 19:10:17 UTC 2013


2013/2/9 Hao Chi Kiang <woodykiang at engineer.com>

> Hi all,
> Recently I installed 64-bit Xubuntu 12.10 on my new desktop. The new
> theme is elegent and everything works perfectly nice. However, there's one
> things consistently annoying me: I used to put some of my codes into
> my FAT32-formatted flash drive and edit, compile, run them just in place.
> But in Xubuntu, the drive is mounted automatically with all file
> permissions set to 644, which means all files in the drive won't have
> executable permission, and I am forced to either remount the drive with
> correct option or copy the whole thing into my hard drive in order to run
> the compiled program.
> So I wonder:
> 1.) How can I configure my Xubuntu so that it will always mount my
> drive with all files set to 755 permision?

udev is responsible for this.
Looks like it is done here:

Search for libusb.

Either change it there or create a new rules file in:

There is a README there.

2.) If you are a Xubuntu or Xfce developer, is there a special reason
> (perhaps security?)

That's what I assume.

> for the Xubuntu or Xfce team to decide to mount the drive without
> executable permission? As far as I know, many desktop environment,
> including both my old ROX-desktop PC and my Macbook Pro mounts FAT32 drives
> with 777 permission.
> Thanks. ;-)
> Regards,
> Woody Kiang

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