[xubuntu-users] Is there any way to change auto mount option in Xubuntu?

Tushar Rishabadas tushar.rishabadas at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 18:29:25 UTC 2013

Could it be an ownership issue that can be fixed by chown?


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On 09-Feb-2013, at 21:01, "Hao Chi Kiang" <woodykiang at engineer.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Recently I installed 64-bit Xubuntu 12.10 on my new desktop. The new theme is elegent and everything works perfectly nice. However, there's one things consistently annoying me: I used to put some of my codes into my FAT32-formatted flash drive and edit, compile, run them just in place. But in Xubuntu, the drive is mounted automatically with all file permissions set to 644, which means all files in the drive won't have executable permission, and I am forced to either remount the drive with correct option or copy the whole thing into my hard drive in order to run the compiled program. 
> So I wonder:
> 1.) How can I configure my Xubuntu so that it will always mount my drive with all files set to 755 permision?
> 2.) If you are a Xubuntu or Xfce developer, is there a special reason (perhaps security?) for the Xubuntu or Xfce team to decide to mount the drive without executable permission? As far as I know, many desktop environment, including both my old ROX-desktop PC and my Macbook Pro mounts FAT32 drives with 777 permission.
> Thanks. ;-)
> Regards, 
> Woody Kiang
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