[xubuntu-users] what happened with xubuntu???

Gary P. Charvat g.charvat at snet.net
Mon Dec 9 03:57:57 UTC 2013

Last night I was in the process of re-installing Xubuntu for the 
thousandth (it just seems that way) and it seemed that the world 
changed.  Did you guys do any updating lately?

It seems that I have a whole new operating system along with new driver 
software with new installation procedures.

When I bot up the blue screen goes away and I'm presented (this is after 
entering my password) a selection of 3 choices of versions of boot up -- 
then comes the selection of Ubuntu -- two with "recovery mode which I 
stay away from not knowing what they are -- okay I'm a beginner).  I 
take the one which is Ubuntu with advanced options.

I also ran  into some changes with installing HPLIB driver package for 
HP Printers.

I also notice that the Software Enter seemed to have several errors to 
which allowed the proper reports to be generated and sent.  I checked 
thee chooser entry in the Settings Manager -- and it was not in 
execution mode.

I would really like to get back to not having to make those selections 
at all as I a single/two person installation (myself & my son).

And if I could figure out how to determine the version of X/Ubuntu that 
is installed, I'm willing to bet it wouldn't be 13.10 which is what my 
Live DVD is.

Just thought I'd give some input as I'm new here and want to be accepted 
as part of the group.

Gary P. Charvat


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