[xubuntu-users] How Do I Stop X Server in 13.10 ?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Dec 5 19:41:23 UTC 2013

On Thu, 2013-12-05 at 11:54 -0700, Lee Gold wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 5, 2013, at 09:51 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> > sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm stop
> > 
> > resp.
> > 
> > sudo /etc/init.d/whatever_display_manager_you_use stop
> > 
> > Setting up a working xorg.conf could be tricky, you perhaps should use
> > https://startpage.com and search for       xorg.conf calculator
> > 
> > This example might help you to edit it manually:
> ...snip...
> I have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf now and technically it works OK, and after
> the edits to xorg.conf flash works OK too. But there's a problem: If I
> normally boot into Xubuntu ( I have it set to boot immediately to the
> Desktop - not a log in prompt) I get all black with a cursor, but if I
> move the mouse around over the broken desktop the expected desktop
> begins to partially appear, it's enough for me to restart X (actually I
> reset the keyboard so alt-del-backspace restarts X) then after
> restarting X it goes to a lightDm login prompt, after doing this login a
> good desktop appears with working flash.
> But other users use this PC and I can't give the the password to re
> login. I'd like to fix it so it logs in normally as expected. So this
> issue happens when there's a good working  /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Grateful
> for help.

It's possible to customize every Linux, IOW you could do it for *buntus
too. IMO it's easier to use another distro if the need is to customize
and optimized a Linux install. For such tasks, btw. the Linux I use most
of the times, my choice is Arch Linux, other distros, perhaps Gentoo,
might be better than *buntus for those needs too. YMMV!

You could remove the display manager and start X e.g. by the rc file of
your shell.


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