[xubuntu-users] xubuntu acts like i don't have a keyboard !

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Fri Aug 30 05:41:21 UTC 2013

Hi Marc,

I guess you would be happier when using Windows, since Linux only is
useful or people who will care about the OS a little bit on their own,
e.g. by searching the web for what they could do for troubleshooting.
Note, Linux isn't a replacement for Windows, it's not a competitor to
If Xubuntu shouldn't work for you, there are lots of other good Linux
distributions, but you unlikely would be happier using another distro,
because you always need to have a minimum of interest for Linux. Nobody
can provide a patch, since nobody does know what issue you experience.
That the keyboard doesn't work is a vague description. You at least
could take a look at e.g. ~/.xsesson-errors, if you experience issues
for sessions and report what it does say or ask for help.

However, in your case I really think you never ever will be happy with
using Linux, BSD etc., since those OS don't work that way. I suspect you
need something like Microsoft or Apple support.

FWIW nobody is forced to use any OS, live is possible without a


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