[xubuntu-users] Google Chrome & PDF viewing, etc.

Bill hb.cog.jil at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 10:36:11 UTC 2013

On 08/23/2013 06:08 AM, S├ębastien wrote:
> If however you are talking about Chromium (which doesn't have Chrome's
> builtin PDF viewer) and have both installed, you can just symlink the
> library to Chromium's directory:
> $ sudo ln -s /opt/google/chrome/libpdf.so /usr/lib/chromium-browser/
> ...or copy it if you wish to uninstall Chrome afterwards:
> $ sudo cp /opt/google/chrome/libpdf.so /usr/lib/chromium-browser/
> If it's really about Chrome, make sure libpdf.so is really at this
> location.

Well as I live and learn! I did as you suggested and PDF now works in 
both Chrome and Chromium. Thanks Sebastian!


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