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The speed of any wifi connection is negotiated between the wifi card in you're laptop and
 Tthr the transceiver in the router/accesspoin. Example my laptop has an abg capablr wifiadapter,, however, my routerhis capable of wifi N speeds sothe to devices automatically  throtle the connection speed downto 54mbs, but that speed degrades with each additional  wireless capablde device you add to you're network. In conclusion when possible you alwayswant to c connect you' re bandwidth intensive devices directly toa port on you're router doing sowill provide maximum security and bandwidth on you're wired and wireless devices.


On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 4:05 AM PDT Norman Silverstone wrote:

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>> That is normal. The best a domestic wireless connection (802.11a and
>> 802.11g) can do is a theoretical 54Mbit/s (802.11n will be much faster).
>> In practice, speeds are often half this.
>> Compare this with the slowest wired Ethernet connection at 10Mbit/s, the
>> current common domestic speed of 100Mbit/s (twice as fast as wireless),
>> and the 'gigabit' speed of 1000Mbit/s (20x faster than wireless) already
>> common on desktops and some laptops.
>> No matter what speed your router is communicating with the Internet at,
>> the limiting speed is likely to be your local wireless connection
>> (unless you are unfortunate enough still to be using dial-up).
>Thanks to both of you for your interesting replies, I hadn't realised that the subject was so complicated. From what I have gathered so far, suggests that the top speed I measure is what is to be expected and that this will be satisfactory for most of my requirements. However, as quite a fair amount of time is spent with virtually no speed at all this could be the cause of a problem I have had in playing Bridge with my brother over the internet.
>So, my question is, allowing for the reduction in speed due to the air and so on, which piece of hardware is controlling the speed, is it the router or the wifi card in my computer? If changing either one or both would improve the situation, I would be prepared to do so.
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