[xubuntu-users] Sharing a printer

Jack Fromm jjfrv8 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 13:59:19 UTC 2013

On 08/10/2013 03:37 AM, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> On 09/08/13 17:30, Bill wrote:
>> On 08/09/2013 12:06 PM, Neil Winchurst wrote:
>>> I used to be able to share my printer in the past, but my current setup
>>> has me baffled.
>>> I have a desktop running Xubuntu 12.04. My HP printer is attached via a
>>> USB cable. I also have a laptop running Xubuntu 13.04. I have been 
>>> going
>>> mad trying to get the laptop to find/work with the printer.
>>> No matter what I try the printer is not found by the laptop. The 
>>> printer
>>> works fine from the desk top computer. What I do at the moment is send
>>> myself an email from the laptop with the document as an attachment. 
>>> Then
>>> I can open and print the attached document from the desk top computer.
>>> There must be an easier way??
>>> Any help to point me in the right direction gratefully received. I do
>>> have sharing enabled on both.
>>> Neil
>> I'm running 12.04 on both Dell desktop and laptop; HP Deskjet F300
>> all-in-one connected to the desktop via usb cable. I had a bit of
>> trouble getting the laptop to find the printer initially. Of course,
>> make sure both the desktop and printer are booted/on, then through
>> either the System > Printing dialog, or localhost:631 (cups) interface,
>> the following is what I finally found would work:
>> ipp://
>> HTH.
> Thanks, I will give that a try. With my previous printer which was 
> attached via a parallel connection, the printer was just found by the 
> laptop.
> Neil
I thought I would try this out since I'm testing the Xubuntu Saucy alpha 
on a test desktop.  My main desktop is running 12.04 with a DeskJet 940 
connected via USB.  If I look in System -> Printing on my main desktop 
and right-click on the printer, I see that both 'Enabled' and 'Shared' 
are checked (which I think are the defaults).  Then I clicked on Server 
-> Settings and checked "Publish shared printers connected to this 
system".  On my Saucy machine, if I have the 'Printers - localhost' 
dialog open from Settings Manager, I see the DeskJet automatically show 
up as soon as I "OK" that 'Publish' setting on my 12.04 desktop.  As 
soon as I uncheck it and OK that, the printer automatically disappears 
from the Printers dialog on the Saucy machine. Re-check it shows back up 
again.  I was really surprised that I didn't have to do anything on the 
remote machine at all.  I don't know if I have any other settings on my 
main desktop that allow that to happen, but the Saucy image is a fresh 
install, so those are all the factory defaults.  I guess your mileage 
may vary.


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