[xubuntu-users] New Installation

Neil Winchurst neilwin at drofle.co.uk
Tue Nov 20 17:32:54 UTC 2012

On 20/11/12 17:25, Elfy wrote:
> On 20/11/12 17:19, Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> On 20/11/12 17:12, Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>>>     Well, I have now installed Xubuntu 12.04 which I am still sorting
>>>     out. So far so good, but that is what I thought when I installed
>>>     Maya last week.
>>>     I am still struggling to get the panel at the bottom of the screen,
>>>     having already removed panel 2. Can anyone remind me how to do it
>>>     please?
>>> Just launch the settings manager  and pick the "Panel" item, then you
>>> can just clikc the "+" button to add a new panel and locate it wherever
>>> you like.
>> Sorry, I am not explaining myself very well. When I first started up
>> there were two panels set up. One, what I call the main one, at the
>> top of the screen and panel 2 at the bottom. I am trying to do what I
>> did when I installed this same distro on my daughter's laptop.
>> I have removed panel two, so now there is no panel at the bottom of
>> the desktop. I am now trying to drag the remaining panel from the top
>> of the screen to the bottom which is where I like to see it. I was
>> able to to this easily for my daughter but here on my desktop I can't
>> get it to move.
>> Neil
> Right click on the panel - Panel Preferences  - check that that Lock
> Panel is not enabled
> Elfy
Yes, I have already done that. But it will still not move. I try to drag 
it but nothing happens. If I right click on it and choose Panel 
Preferences I get the so called marching ants around it but it will 
still not move. If I then close that window the ants disappear. Very 


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