[xubuntu-users] xwindow / xfcr crashing in 12.04?

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On Sunday 24 June 2012 17:56:11 xubuntu-users-request at lists.ubuntu.com wrote:> Thanks for your reply.  I just> > rm -r  ~/.config/xfce4> > but the same problem remains (no title bar for windows, loss mouse focus...).> > Since I first emailed the mailing list I noticed a couple of additional (symptoms of the) problems:  When I go to>    Settings --> Setting Manager --> Window Manager Tweaks>    Settings --> Setting Manager --> Window Manager> I got nothing!   These twos are the only ones not working.> > The first reply suggests that I reinstall xfce4.  How would I do that --  e.g.  use ubuntu software center?  synaptic?> > Thanks!!! You should do it the best over the terminal with apt-get or aptitude. Read man-pages for options of reinstalling by 'man apt-get' or 'man patitude'! -------------------------------------------
Thanks for bringing up apt-get; I too was worried about the implications of reinstalling xfce4 *while* running it...   Questions:

(1) Which xfce4 packages should I reinstall?
When I searched for "xfce4" in synaptic, I was surprised to learn that the "xfce4 meta package" is NOT installed; instead I got a lot of individual xfce4 components installed (e.g. xfce4-session, xfce4-panel, etc).   Is that normal?   Note:  I clean-installed xubuntu from the CD, and aside from user profile config I don't recall making any changes to xfce.

(2) How do I find out if e.g. the xfce4 metapackages contains all the ones I have currented installed?  I tried
   sudo apt-get -s xfce4
for a dry run but I got the error message
    E: Invalid operation xfce4
I suspect the correct syntex for dry run should have been
   sudo apt-get install -s xfce4
but I'd like to get some confirmation...

(3) Re 2&3 above: What I worry of course is that I overlooked some packages and ended up borking my machine...  Is there a list somewhere of all the xfce4 packages installed in a default setup?

(4) There is really no way to fix my weird window problem short of reinstalling xfce? -- assuming that that's the problem!

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