[xubuntu-users] xwindow / xfcr crashing in 12.04?

Mike Kupfer m.kupfer at acm.org
Sun Jun 24 21:24:17 UTC 2012

newcontact at comcast.net wrote:

> (4) There is really no way to fix my weird window problem short of
>     reinstalling xfce? -- assuming that that's the problem!

Based on the symptoms (no titlebar, windows appear in the center of the
screen instead of their normal location, window manager settings don't
work), I'd say your problem is that xfwm4 is not running.

To test this, try running "pgrep xfwm4" in a terminal window.  If it
prints a number, then xfwm4 is running (and my theory is wrong).  If it
prints nothing, try running "xfwm4 &" in the terminal window.  If that
makes things better, go to Settings>Session and Startup, then click on
the "Save Session" button in the Session tab.


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