[xubuntu-users] Vim in Xubuntu

James Freer jessejazza3.uk at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 23:49:35 UTC 2012

[using xubuntu 10.04... hopefully before the end of this month 12.04!]

I'm just starting to use Vim but i want to set it up for editing text
WORDS not programming text.

But first things first; should i use Vim, Vim-gnome, Vim-GTK - with
xubuntu i'd have thought vim-gtk. Looking at the dependencies it
didn't seem to make a lot of difference as far as i could see. As i
like minimal approach maybe i'd be better off using NVI,Vile or Elvis?

What i want to achieve is to have a console editor that softwraps text
as well as the likes of gedit or leafpad. The two commands i gather
are the following

:set textwidth=80
:set formatoptions=t [stands for options characters]

>From what i can work out this command only worked for a file i'm
typing not one i've originally typed in gedit and then open in Vim. I
think there are some technicalities with .txt files which i'm not
familiar with and would be grateful if someone could put me right.
Perhaps i'd just be better to stay with gedit and use from the CLI
when there.


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