[xubuntu-users] you have got to be kidding me

Joshua O'Leary joshua.oleary at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 10 12:09:59 UTC 2012

On 10/06/12 10:58, Benoit wrote:
> Le 10/06/2012 01:29, Kevin O'Gorman a écrit :
>> You don't get a new Windows version every 6 months.  Maybe there's a reason.
>  And for some of us who had installed an XP recently with :
>   * CD that hard to boot on
>   * a partitionning process that had deleted your data partition
>     because you hadn't had the driver for your hard drive (sata drives
>     didn't exist in 2002).. and to make it works, you have to boot on
>     a floppy (very very slow when it works because USB wasn't
>     available before the service pack2 and wasn't included in the
>     install process before Vista),
>   * as it's an old OS, you'll have a lot, and a lot of update to make,
>   * a lot of drivers to find on the manufacturer's sites
>   * and after the complete installation when you want to activate it
>     they say you can't because you had already installed it 5 times...
>     6 to 12 hours of hard work for nothing.
>   * And the viruses had made you reinstall Windows more than once..
> So I won't go back to Windows even for a million $ !
> Don't forget that Linux is only the kernel. A distribution is GNU/Linux.
> You have a large choice of interfaces : KDE, Gnome 
> 2/Gnome-Shell/Unity, Xfce, Lxde, Enlightenment,...
> You have a large choice of distributions : http://distrowatch.com/
> But also a large choice of filemanagers, network managers, ... If the 
> choice made by the distribution doesn't fit to you, you can customize it..
> First, ask and answer a few questions :
> - needs 9gig of ram to display what ?
> - texts ? videos ? games ?
> - if it's only text, 1gig is sufficient
> - is it an applications server ? So the RAM to share has to be 
> function of the users connected,..
> The stable Ubuntu versions are the second versions of LTS (12.04.1) as 
> said before. But, you can use a genuine Debian for your development 
> and an Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu desktop just for the tests.
> Precise your needs and, then, ask for help.
> Benoit
Have you tried resetting XFCE's config?
rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4
Also, what graphics card do you have? Nvidia are known to be 
problematic. If you want something highly stable, something like debian 
with longer release schedules may be more suitable.
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