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> I really do apologize to the list. I lost my temper.
> But I now have a system that just doesn't work. It's taken me the better 
> part of an hour to even send this email.
> It seems the X11 is shot. I try to select a menu item (from any program, 
> Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome) and I get the selections that used to be 
> in the top panel.... Which I have no idea where that went...
>   Please don't tell me to reinstall... I need X fixed. Yes... I CAN use 
> a terminal... just don't want to!
> -- 
> Michael Comperchio

Hi Michael, 

I myself am a newbe on Linux. Consicer that, if You follow my proposals! 
But, despite of that, I am using it as my main OS since a full year now. Have had pretty much trouble at the beginning, I need to admit. 
In Your case, I would proceed as following:

1) installing zsh - which is an easy-to-use bash 
        sudo aptitude install zsh
        wget -O .zshrc http://git.grml.org/f/grml-etc-core/etc/zsh/zshrc … is downloading a very useful configuration file for the app and saving it hidden into Your home-folder. Information about that programm You can find under
        for making it as Your standard bash, You need to type
                which zsh … 
                chsh -s [ooutput of which zsh]

2) making a backup of the home-folder and the system with rsync by something like this:

sudo rsync -avb --progress --del --backup-dir=[folder trace, where You want ot have the changes]/  --log-file=[trace to the folder, where You would like to have log-file like]/rsync.system.log    --exclude=/sys --exclude=/proc --exclude=/media --exclude=.ecryptfs --exclude=/home      /     /media/[external hard-drive and some folder]/

rsync -avb --progress    --backup-dir=[folder trace, where You want ot have the changes]/  --log-file=[trace to the folder, where You would like to have log-file like]/rsync.home.log    --del --exclude=.gvfs --exclude=Cache --exclude=.cache --exclude=cache --exclude=CACHE --exclude=.thumbnails  --exclude=.juniper_networks  /home/[Your folder]/ /media/[external hard-drive and some folder]/

        if something should go wrong, You can simply play everything back by 
for the system folder:
sudo rsync -avb --progress  /media/[external hard-drive and some folder]/ /     
for Your home-folder:
rsync -avb --progress  /media/[external hard-drive and some folder]/  /home/[Your folder]/ 

from now on, it would be necessary to use the terminal without being logged on at X
3) creating a new user
4) adding him to the sudoers group
5) deleting the old user from the profile of the new user
6) (re-)creating it by adding a new user again - this time with the name of the old user
7) adding him to the sudoers group
8) deleting the user, which You were working during these steps

If this doesn't work, I would simply reinstall the X-part of the Linux ... and eventually, repeat these stepps once again, if necessary.

Wish You luck!

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