[xubuntu-users] Another problem.

Jack arkiedriver at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 18:35:25 UTC 2012

Long story short. Had Ubuntu 9.04 for years. Month ago my old, reliable
Bother laser printer crashed, bought a new Brother which could not connect
with my computer. Downloaded the correct Brother drivers but could not get
it to connect. Brought in a computer repair guy (claimed to have a masters
degree in computer tech) who worked for 2 hours, upgraded Ubuntu to 11.10
but could not get the printer connection.

 Told him also of another problem of about 2 years. 2 of 3 times I would
boot my machine I would see all the usual visual things on my monitor in
the boot process, but the screen would then turn black and I would not see
the log in screen. The little red light on the face of the computer box had
flashed as normal, indicating it was booting up but all I got was a black
screen – no usual desktop log in screen. 1 of 3 times it would boot
normally. He took it into his shop.

 Saved all my docs, took the computer to his shop, he wiped the hard drive
installed Xubuntu, put all the docs back. Printer works now, but the boot
problem still exists. Except now it takes an average of 7 boot/turn off
sequences to finally get a log in screen and a working computer. All I get
from him now is a blank look.

 Any ideas???


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