[xubuntu-users] Custom Russian Font Displays as Squares/Boxes

bogosse duvillage bogosseduvillage at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 07:07:27 UTC 2012


I use a special Russian font called Timesse Russ, which provides
accented Cyrillic characters.  You can view it here if you look up a
word in this online dictionary: http://russian.cornell.edu/rdt/ .  The
file name of the font ends in TTF.  The problem is that this font
displays appropriately in Chromium, but not anywhere else on the
system.  For example, in my flashcard learning program Anki and in
AbiWord, the font displays all characters either as a sequence of
squares/boxes or as the wrong characters, e.g., instead of an accented
"o", it might show a "k" with a weird tail or other non-conforming
feature on it.

I have tried to install this font manually by following something
along the lines of what is described here:
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts  I also double checked via Font Manager
installed via Ubuntu Software Center.  (I have an Xubuntu 11.10 Wubi
installation, which was migrated to a permanent partition.)

Has anyone dealt with this before, and what else should I try to do in
order to get the font to display properly?

Thank you.

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