[xubuntu-users] xcalib: Can one use it to invert single desktop Windows.

Mike O'Donnell mikeodonnell at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 8 02:35:20 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

My first message. I will be moving to Xubuntu 12.x soon, before the EOL 
of Ubuntu 10.04. In preparation, I want to learn a few things. One is 
using xcalib, for inversing. I found this command:*xcalib -invert 
-alter* will invert the whole desktop.

I am not going to use compiz with Xubuntu, but I presently use a feature 
of compiz with Ubuntu, for inversing the open pages singularly, much 
more than the whole desktop. Does xclab allow for doing this also. If 
so, can someone post back the command?

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