[xubuntu-users] GRUB error 15

TC taradino.cassatt at gmx.com
Fri Feb 3 16:35:08 UTC 2012


I just installed Xubuntu Oneiric on a laptop but I can't boot to it.  I 
get a GRUB error 15 at stage 1.5.  

I installed from a USB stick (no CD in laptop) and partitioned my drive 
like so: 

/dev/sda1  ext4  /boot
/dev/sda2  ext4  /
/dev/sda3  ext4  /home
/dev/sda4  swap

At first I thought that maybe it doesn't read from sda1 but from sda2 so 
I copied files in sda1 to /boot on sda2 but it didn't help.

Any ideas how to fix it?  Thank you.

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