[xubuntu-users] ecryptfs problem after update

John Thompson john at os2.dhs.org
Fri May 27 16:56:07 UTC 2011

I just updated my xubuntu-9.10 system to 10.10 (would have gone to 11.04, 
but the installer kept crashing). I told the installer to leave my /home
filesystem alone -- and it did -- but now I can't access the encrypted 
data in my home directory. I have the unwrapped passphrase from the 9.10 
installation but can't find any info on how to use it to access my data.

I have tried using "ecryptfs-mount-private" but it complains "ERROR: 
Encrypted private directory is not set up properly" and bails.

Whither now?


-John (john at os2.dhs.org)

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