[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu--Photo processing/editing - which apps do you use?

James Freer jessejazza at googlemail.com
Fri May 6 21:28:33 UTC 2011

using Xubuntu 10.04.2

I'd be interested to hear what folks use for processing/editing photos.

In ubuntu i used gthumb to view; using picasa [batch export to
watermark and reduce size], krename, and llgal to publish. [Love llgal
it is so quick and easy and 'cleans up' after editing].

I didn't find xubuntu liked picasa 2.7 for some reason... just doesn't
work - installed fine and dependencies met. Anyone else using it on
xubuntu... perhaps there is a bug there somehow.

I've looked for an alternative and the only one i can find is phatch.
So i was wondering what do folk use for pic reduction and watermark.
Digikam i believe does that well but the dependencies mean installing
almost half of kde. I was hoping there was a cli app that would do it
quick and easy but haven't found one.

[regret to say i had problems with 11.04 and i've stayed with LTS].

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