[xubuntu-users] How to get to a recovery console on xubuntu 11.10?

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Sat Dec 17 12:45:19 UTC 2011

I have installed xubuntu 11.10 on an Intel chipset system, it installed
OK except for one rather glaring problem (which may be my fault) I don't
seem to know the password on the main/default account.  Thus, not only
can't I log in, except to the guest account, but I can't get in as root
to fix it either.

So I have tried to get the grub menu to appear at startup but I can't,
hitting escape during boot doesn't seem to do anything at all.

The xubuntu 11.10 installation CD doesn't offer a recovery mode, do any
of the alternative CDs offer a recovery mode and/or is there another way
to get to a recovery prompt?

Chris Green

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