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== 2011-07-31 Meeting Minutes ==

The agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings

=== Old Business ===

 * Charlie to dig for the xscreensaver updates, and put in an SRU -
   Carried Forward
 * GridCube to put together the "TOP 10" for Xubuntu - Carried Forward

=== Team updates ===
==== Packaging & Development ====

 * we're back under 700MB on the CDs again
 * evince is going to remain as the default pdf reader
 * still waiting on the desktop team for the new transmission and
   removal of libnotify1 from the CD (blocked on MIRs)
 * we now ship a microblogging client (pidgin-microblog)
 * pavucontrol and pastebinit need to be added to the defaults
 * look at the possibility of adding midori as a second browser
 * Launchpad bug 800918 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Some
   wallpaper/backdrops ideas" [Wishlist,Confirmed]

==== Bug Triage & Testing ====

 * We now have a live session, but you must restart and install from
   the cd menu
 * We should be seeing more bug reports against oneiric
 * Alpha3 testing starts Tuesday.
 * Keep the bugs coming in, please
  * We are tracking the Oneiric bugs at

==== Website & Marketing ====

 * beardygnome brought up the ability to add the Xfce news feed to the
   Xubuntu website. This seems like a very good idea, since Xubuntu is
   based on Xfce, and it would help to keep us informed of any changes
   being planned.
 * beardygnome wrote another awesome review which was replied to here:
  * fixed most things, but I asked some questions there, particularly
   about documentation and translations stuff I don't understand (so
   can't fix on the site)
 * there is also an outstanding bug that the site isn't translatable,
   if someone familiar with doing translations and wordpress is around
   please contact either charlie-tca or pleia2 in #xubuntu-devel about
   how to handle the site moving forward

==== Artwork ====

 * We could use help testing a new plymouth in Oneiric Ocelot.
  * http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu
  * Please contact charlie-tca or madnick in #xubuntu-devel to help
   test this
 * we need a lightdm theme - madnick will work this
 * there's a git-repo for greybird
  * https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird
 * can't themes be added to a ppa so when an update to the theme is
   done we can see it on the update manager?

==== Documentation ====

 * We need someone that can go through the wiki documentation and
   update it.

=== Announcements ===

 * The next meeting will be on Monday, 2011-08-08 at 19:00 UTC
 * Important dates coming up:
  * 11.10 Alpha 3: August 4, 2011
   * soft freeze will be August 1 at 1200 UTC
  * 11.10 FeatureFreeze : August 11, 2011
  * 11.10 Release Date: October 13, 2011
  * UDS-P will be in Orlando, Florida the week of October 31 - Nov 4.
   Please apply for sponsorship by August 24.
  * UDS-P information at

=== Any Other Business ===

 * we should try to get the defaults down this week so we can test
   drive them right after alpha3 (like next Monday maybe we can
   vote/decide/draw straws)
 * discussion about gimp and a simple editor. Please see the
   comparisons done at
  * Possible to replace ristretto with gthumb instead of replacing gimp?
 * to subscribe to the xubuntu-devel mailing list, go to
  * https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel
   | Meeting log]]
 * Discussion about apples and oranges; apples win

=== Xubuntu Governance ===

 * The governancy part of the current Strategy Document can be found at
 * Two weeks left for current review of revision to Strategy Document
   concerning electing a Project Lead. email sent to both ML for review.

=== Action items ===

 * madnick to look into building a lightdm greeter
 * GridCube to do comparison chart for gpicview, ristretto, gthumb -

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