[xubuntu-users] Bls: how to connect to Windows network drive?

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Tue Nov 16 01:49:12 UTC 2010

0. the network connect

1. u must sure the windows share the folder
  - know the ip / name computer
  - know the name login windows
  - know the password to login windows
  - know domain windows (default:workgroup)

2.  use gigolo
  - click connect
  - Service Type "Windows Share"
  - Server "ip / computer name"
  - Share "Name Folder Share"
  - Domain "check the windows domain"

  - User Name "user at windows"
  - click "connect"
  - input "password"

3. now connect :D

Dari: Lee Gold <leegold at operamail.com>
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Terkirim: Sel, 16 November, 2010 01:32:50
Judul: [xubuntu-users] how to connect to Windows network drive?


I see Gigolo there. It's only finding the local HD w/an ntfs partition, but 
nothing network-wise by default. Don't know what to enter in the "connect to 
server popup". Service type (Windows share?), Server, Share, Domain, Username??

I am connected to it on XP as expected but still took  a few steps.

Were do I start? I can get info from the successful XP connection if needed.


Lee g.


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