[xubuntu-users] cannot unmute xubuntu 10.10

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Tue Nov 2 14:37:00 GMT 2010

It would appear that on Nov 1, Andreas Säger did say:

> Am 27.10.2010 05:16, G3n1k G3n1k wrote:
> > some night i unmuted my Xubuntu 10.10
> > in the morning i unmuted with xfce4-mixer
> > but there is no sound i heard
> > i restart but when login, the xfce4-mixer get muted
> > any idea to solved ?
> Last time I had this type of problem (no sound, no matter what I mute) 
> the volumne control buttons directly on my laptop were the culprits.
> Hope this helps,

Just a thought, I have on occasion had similar problems that turned out to
be that the mixer I was using didn't display ALL the potentially relevant
sound channels. In my case if I get no sound I need to check that the
slider controls for neither "Front", Master, nor PCM, are turned all the
way down. Other possibilities (depending on your sound card and driver)
could include Side, Center, and Line. To see all of them try the
"alsamixer" or "alsamixergui" (at least one of which should be in the repo)

Just a thought...

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