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  Hello,,Rob J asked:

  inbredredneck wrote: 
    ...Don't know if our discs are junk, but would like to know if there is another one available that will get us past this problem.
  For a free Xubuntu disk you can to http://on-disk.com/product_info.php/products_id/866 (in the USA), or
  http://on-disk.com/product_info.php/products_id/872 (anywhere else in the world). These would be the newest version, 10.04. 

    My computer skills are such that anything more than turning on the computer and inserting a disc in the drive is challenging, so any hints have to be at the most basic level.
  The installer is quite simple. Insert the CD, then reboot your machine. On most computers during boot-up, for a few seconds there appears a screen (usually with the manufacturer's logo and whatnot) that offers boot options. Mine says "Press F-12 for boot options," but yours may be a different key. Press it rapidly a few times times while that short-lived screen is visible and it will take you to a menu where you can tell your computer to boot from the CD-ROM drive instead of the hard disk drive. Select CD-ROM and press Enter.

  Allow it boot up (it may be a bit slow on an old machine - but once installed it will be much faster!). I have had better luck with selecting the "try Xubuntu without installing" option at first, then allowing it to bring up the Xubuntu desktop, and THEN clicking on the "Install Xubuntu" icon than I have with choosing "Install Xubuntu" from the initial Xubuntu screen.

  This brings up the installer, which is very easy! Just answer a few questions (time zone, keyboard, user name and choose a root password) and click Forward at each step. With a decent Internet connection, you should be up and running in under 15 minutes.

  Enjoying Xubuntu immensely on an old hand-me-down Dell Dimension,

  Robin- thanks for the quick come-back. The on-disk link is where I obtained the disks we're now using. As mentioned earlier, both of us used the check CD for defects mode and and got the "errors in (1) files" result. I get as far as the "linux kernal 100% installed" step, then I have to wait for the "throbbing" logo. Usually, process freezes up there. Sometimes, after several minutes I'll get a screen showing error list, showing kernal panic message and init. killed. At this point I can sometimes get out by control/alt/delete but usually have to hold in start button long enough re-start machine, after manually overiding disk ejection with pin in hole to eject the CD.
  Can't get to setting up as far a country, etc. As far as a connection, on a good day my dialup gets me all of 28.8, so I'm hoping that somebody'll tell my that we got defective disks, or I should just send off for the 10.04. Was a happy user of xubuntu 7.04 for a couple of years so I'd like to go with at least 9.10 if I can. 
  Anybody who can give us a clue as to what to make of the Error 22 message?
  Rob J


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