[xubuntu-users] How do I configure VTs in Lucid?

HB hex1a4 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 22:50:12 BST 2010


I recently "upgraded" Xubuntu from Hardy to Lucid (clean install) and 
find myself unable to configure it the way I need to. The biggest thing 
so far is that I'm unable to setup VTs the way I like.

How do I configure my system to be as follows?

VT 1 - 4: Consoles
VT 5 - 7: X sessions
VT 8 & 9: Free
VT 10 : User logs
VT 11 : Daemon logs
VT 12 : Kernel logs

At the very least I need to have three static instances of GDM at startup.

On Hardy and earlier I did this by deleting tty[56] from /etc/event.d/ 
(this directory is now gone). Configuring /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom (now 
replaced with custom.conf) but now my changes don't do anything. 
Configuring /etc/syslog.conf which is now gone and creating it didn't 

Any ideas? Thank you.

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