[xubuntu-users] $@$@$&%#%& Nvidia card... anyone know if the xorg-video-nv driver does 2d _high_ resolution?

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Sat Jul 10 20:57:34 UTC 2010

It would appear that on Jul 10, Charlie Kravetz did say:

> Since nouveau has replaced the nv driver in the kernel in Lucid, you
> probably do not want to use the nv driver. However, you should be able
> to use the nvidia hardware driver. This is installed using
> "Applications -> System -> Hardware Drivers" in Xubuntu.

Well that explains some of my misconception. I searched for nvidia on
synaptic.  And each of the listed nvidia drivers warned about needing a
kernel module (I don't understand much about those But I was envisioning
something I'd have to manually compile every time they update the kernel...

So I looked for and found the hardware drivers option and it worked well
enough. But evidently I was having a problem with the video as it was
because of something I hadn't noticed before (and in fact am sure it wasn't
so when I pasted a few command strings into the keyboard shortcuts) But
today in XFCE my mouse pointer was invisible until I installed one of the
nvidia drivers. Being keyboard centric this only bothered me because I
couldn't find a way to move the focus to the lower scroll box where the
full description text of each driver was explained. In the end I chose
based on the phrase "has been tested" being replaced by "recommended" in the
upper portion of the scroll box...

I'm a little puzzled that even though synaptic said I already had both
the nv & the vesa drivers, the "Hardware Drivers" list only offered the
three nvidia drivers, And nothing for any other hardware besides the video
card what so ever??? Is that normal???

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