[xubuntu-users] New Karmic install: problems with grub installation

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Thu Jul 8 21:23:06 BST 2010

 Yeah I know Lucid is ready. But I just acquired an amd_64
 desktop, I have karmic on my amd_64 laptop And I wanted to
 duplicate it as much as possible. installing the same packages
 and attempt copying the /home directories intact to see if I can
 preserve all my user configurations without things like e17
 choking on incorrect ~/.e/ files...

Then the plan is to see how much I can keep when I upgrade karmic
to lucid...

But anyway I haven't got that far. The first issue is with the
installer/ grub installation routine

I do have a boot partition on (hd0) I NEVER allow ANY OS to touch
it. When I install a Linux I tell it to install grub to it's own
"root" partition each of which is chainloaded from My grub.

When the installer asked me where to put grub it offered some
helpful advice, something like:
(hd0) is the equivalent of /dev/sda
And (hd2,4) being equivalent to /dev/sdc5

I can't remember the exact wording, but what I focused on was the
one in the format of (hd#,#) listed BOTH the number before and
after the "," by values reflecting starting with 0...
Which would have been correct if Karmic was using grub legacy instead of
grub2. I had forgotten it used grub2 so I used (hd1,7) to represent what
MIGHT NOT have been /dev/sdb8. The problem is on /dev/sdb7 I have an Arch
Linux installation, And guess where Xubuntu put it's grub... (sigh)

Fortunately I was able to use grub-install to put karmic's grub
where it belonged AND MY grub (legacy) on my boot partition
included a direct boot entry for the Arch install where once
booted I was able to use the legacy grub shell to:
root (hd1,6)
setup (hd1,6)

Anyway I was able to repair the damage, But the instruction in the
installer are misleading...

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