[xubuntu-users] From Kubuntu to Xubuntu but what's what?...

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Thu Feb 18 13:36:06 UTC 2010

On Thu, 18 Feb 2010 00:03:10 -0500 (EST)
"Joe(theWordy)Philbrook" <jtwdyp at ttlc.net> wrote:

> Hi, I'm new to the Xubuntu list. I just downloaded the installation iso
> files for Xubuntu 9.10 It will be installed to the partition I currently
> have Kubuntu Jaunty installed. 
> I used to be a die hard kde fan until kde4... I currently usually use
> enlightenment but I've wanted to give xfce a shot And I'm reasonably sure
> that since Xubuntu is based on ubuntu, I Will be able to easily apt-get any
> kde applications I can't do without. So here I am. I do hope I can figure
> out xfce well enough not to have to install "kubuntu-desktop" just to get
> the daemon I know... And I thought I might try asking a few dumb questions.
> How can I modify whatever xfce uses for "global keyboard shortcuts" ??
> {This is key, as I'm very keyboard centric. And I'm kinda set in my ways.
> So I will need to set up bindings that my fingers already know...}
> Also, like I said above, I know I can apt-get any kde applications I can't do
> without. But I'd like to check out whatever equivalent applications as were
> chosen for Xubuntu... But I don't know which ones they would be.
> For example instead of k3b I should try what???
> Likewise are there good equivalents for:
> kaffeine, okular, & yakuake???
> And lastly, if anyone has any recommendations or URLs to good how-tos for
> former kde users trying to adapt to xfce and/or Xubuntu... Please do tell.
> Thanks!

To set up your own keyboard shortcuts, you can use Applications ->
Settings -> Keyboard.

As for applications, try the default installed applications. They are
the default apps because they work. If you are looking for apps that
are similar to what KDE installs, you might reconsider KDE. There is
very good documentation for Xubuntu. It is accessed by Applications ->
Help. There is also documentation provided with most applications. 

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