[xubuntu-users] From Kubuntu to Xubuntu but what's what?...

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Thu Feb 18 15:34:30 UTC 2010

It would appear that on Feb 18, Charlie Kravetz did say:

> On Thu, 18 Feb 2010 00:03:10 -0500 (EST)
> "Joe(theWordy)Philbrook" <jtwdyp at ttlc.net> wrote:
> > Hi, I'm new to the Xubuntu list. I just downloaded the installation iso
> > files for Xubuntu 9.10 It will be installed to the partition I currently
> > have Kubuntu Jaunty installed. 
> > 
> > I used to be a die hard kde fan until kde4... I currently usually use
> > enlightenment but I've wanted to give xfce a shot And I'm reasonably sure
> > that since Xubuntu is based on ubuntu, I Will be able to easily apt-get any
> > kde applications I can't do without. So here I am. I do hope I can figure
> > out xfce well enough not to have to install "kubuntu-desktop" just to get
> > the daemon I know... And I thought I might try asking a few dumb questions.

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> To set up your own keyboard shortcuts, you can use Applications ->
> Settings -> Keyboard.

Well that sounds simple enough. Though it might have taken me a while to
think of looking for global shortcuts under the initial {menu?} heading of
"applications"... I'm guessing that there is probably an obvious menu button
or something I can use to open the menu until I can hopefully assign a key binding
for that... I'll soon see that for myself though. I just need to backup a
few more things from my kubuntu partition, then perhaps I can spend
tomorrow with the installation...

Thank you for responding so quickly BTW...
> As for applications, try the default installed applications. They are
> the default apps because they work. If you are looking for apps that
> are similar to what KDE installs, you might reconsider KDE.

Well if I can't adapt to xfce I might do that as a last resort. Still
there really are only a few KDE applications that I won't be without. Though
I realize that I'll wind up installing a lot of kde dependencies to go with
them. But I'm really not happy with what they've done to kde's user
interface, so probably I'll just add a few kde apps, and then if I don't
like xfce, I can install E17 on top of xubuntu just as easily as I could
install it on top of kubuntu... Actually I'm certain to do that anyway. But
if I like xfce, I'll boot into it more often than I currently boot kde...

> There is very good documentation for Xubuntu. It is accessed by
> Applications -> Help. There is also documentation provided with most
> applications. 

I'm glad to here that. I wonder, does xubuntu's help make it easy to
discover the actual command line name of any applications that may be
displayed in the menu by a label that doesn't fit. IE in some menu
systems open office is displayed as "OpenOffice.org" whereas I have to
just know that at the command line I want to type "ooffice"... 

Thanks again for the reply.

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