[xubuntu-users] Cleaning Up Residual Upgrade Issues

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Oct 9 23:44:08 UTC 2009

   The upgrade to 9.04 was completed, but there are a couple of residual
issues I need to resolve. Since the ubuntus boot behind a GUI display (a la
M$), I cannot watch what's happening.

   The minor issue is that the wireless drivers (orinoco and orinoco_cs) are
not automatically loaded into the kernel during the boot process despite my
having loaded them with modprobe during a running session. Do I need to
specify those two modules in /etc/modprobe.conf or equivalent?

   The major issue is that the laptop now takes 4-5 minutes to boot. Yup, up
from about 40 seconds with previous versions of xubuntu (from 7.04 through
8.10). I've no idea where to start looking for the cause.

   I'd really like to resolve these issues this weekend so I can stop futzing
with my wife's machine and focus on work I need to accomplish.



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