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Ron Rhodes owdronrhodes at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Mar 18 18:37:47 UTC 2009

Vincent wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 10:59 AM, Chris Ross <kristoff101 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have the following hardware
>> Sony Picturebook PCG-C1XD
>> Pentium II 400 MHz
>> 128 MB Ram
>> 10Gb HDD
>> USB floppy
>> PCMCIA CD Drive
>> Display adapter Neomagic Magicmedia 256AV
>> Due to the amount of available Ram I wonder whether or not I should go with
>> release 8.1 given the recommended config below, or go for an earlier
>> version.
>> I will be using the laptop to browse and possible use with skype.
>> I understand that installing should be done using the alternative installer
>> given the limited amount of memory.
>> 8.10, (Intrepid Ibex) - "Xubuntu can run with starting from 192 (or even
>> just 128) MB RAM, but it is strongly recommended to have at least 256 MB
>> RAM"
>> --
>> Thanks
>> Chris
> 128MB RAM is going to be very, very unpleasant. Especially Skype will be a
> problem (it uses Qt libraries as opposed to GTK like most of Xubuntu, which
> means that will all have to be loaded in memory additionally which won't
> help speed-wise). Perhaps if you just browse with a light-weight browser it
> might be bearable, but really not recommended.
> You might want to check out a lighter distro, perhaps to get at least a bit
> of a user-friendly experience you might go with a light-weight Xfce-distro
> such as Wolvix (http://wolvix.org/), if not, something like Puppy Linux is
> probably the way to go.
> Or course, considering how it's all free-of-charge, you might as well just
> give it a try and see if you can bear it ;-)
> An older version of Xubuntu is probably either nothing better or too old to
> be supported and thus _strongly_ recommended against.
> Good luck,
Have you thought about upgrading your RAM to 256MB. The first thing to 
do is open your computer up and see if you can identify the RAM, if it 
is accessible and you can remove it you are halfway there. Next search 
on google for the 256MB equivalent and check out prices, RAM is not 
expensive these days. If your not risk averse you can try Ebay, I've 
picked up RAM there for a few pence, the main expense being P&P.

HTH, Ron

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